Saturday, July 24, 2010

the tale of two teeth

A few weeks ago I noticed a small white spot on Quinn's bottom gum. "Oh boy," I thought, "here comes the first tooth!" I was right-but as I would soon find out, it wasn't just one but TWO TEETH! His bottom front teeth had arrived! The left tooth began to emerge rather quickly and low and behold-the tooth next to it decided it wanted to come in too!!
Getting a picture of this, as you can imagine, has not been easy! I was finally able to snap one yesterday!
If you look close-you'll see them!

I tried to zoom in a bit to help you see them better!

He's been great with the teething though! No fussing really, just less sleep, which isn't all that new! He's getting use to them. He sucks on his bottom lip now, which I am guessing has something to do with how the teeth feel against it. When he does this he makes the best face. We call him "Old Man Chubby Cheeks."

Now we have started brushing our teeth!! You can never start too early!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

get up, stand up

Today I was putting away Quinn's clothes after doing laundry. As I sometimes do, I set him in his crib with some toys and he is perfectly content-well, for a little while ;-)
I turned around and to my surprise, I see this:

Yep, he's learned how to pull himself up in his crib!! Looks like it's time to lower the mattress! He mastered sitting up a few days before he turned 6 months. Can't believe he's big enough to now do this-I feel like he just rolled over yesterday!!!
He was so very proud of himself :-)

Monday, July 19, 2010

solid foods

We have delved into the world of solid foods! We started with sweet potatoes when we were in Syracuse, which Quinn LOVED as evident by these pictures!

Then we moved onto carrots. We went to the Farmer's Market and got fresh carrots. I really want to try and make as much baby food as I can-it's better for him and well, let's face it, it's cheaper too!! I steamed them, pureed them and put them in his little bowl....and he hated them. So it was oatmeal for dinner that night! John suggested we get some carrot baby food from the store, which we did and guess what-he at it all!

So, I bought some more carrot baby food and we continued to eat that for 3 more days (the doctor said not to introduce new foods sooner than every 4 days, in case there are allergies, etc.).
Next I purchased a butternut squash and this time, I got baby food back-up. I baked the squash, pureed it, tasted it to make sure it was edible and...he hated it. What a face he made-it was pretty funny actually! So I popped the top of the squash baby food and he gobbled it up. I tried mixing the real stuff with the baby food, but he's smarter than that-he'd spit those spoonfuls out!

We were fearful that our little man was going to be a processed foods fan! However, last night I fed him the homemade butternut squash and he ate it all without hesitation! John said, "Maybe he just doesn't like it fresh??" Whatever-he ate it and I was so happy!!
Next up-peas!!
Thought I should switch up the colors before I turned our son orange! Wish us luck!

Monday, July 12, 2010

splish splash!!

Yesterday John suggested we get Quinn a baby pool. What a great idea!! So, off to Target we went and found a cute little pool for our little guy. We put him in with some bath toys (thanks Grandma!) that doubled nicely as pool toys. He started splashing the water around and had a blast!!

One thing we did forget however, was Little Swimmers diapers! Ha! So we threw caution to the wind and put him in the pool with just his swim trunks on-happy to report we were accident free ;-) You can see the rest of Quinn's pool adventure pictures on our shutterfly site,

Sunday, July 11, 2010

up, up and away!

We have been on a whirlwind adventure! On June 30th Quinn took his first plane ride and he did such a great job!!! Mommy perhaps went overboard with the things she bought to make the trip perfect and safe for the little guy but oh well-I'm a first-time Mom, what did you expect?!?!

Getting everything packed!
The Plane!!

I'm ready!

We drove to Maryland to drop off Sally at Christie & Chris' house, (we stopped halfway in Richmond), then flew out of BWI to Rochester for Merike & Adam's wedding which was just fantastic!! Congrats to the Reynolds! Nonna came to Rochester to watch Quinn while Mommy and Daddy went to the wedding. We had a blast - and I think they did too :-)
We then went to Syracuse and went to a wonderful get together at Michael and Rosemary's house, ate some yummy food and got to see some more family! We stayed the night at Bisnonna's house and were on our way again!
We flew back to BWI, stayed the night with Christie & Chris and then Quinn and I spent the week at Grandma's while John went to Arlington for his company's annual meeting.
Quinn had a fabulous time with Grandma and seeing family in Virginia!! He loved playing the drums on Grandma's coffee table! Grandma also got Quinn a Jumperoo that he could use when he came to her house-he LOVED it immediately. That boy loves to jump!

After a week and a half, 4 different hotels and 3 houses, we are finally back home in Charlotte. Phew-what a trip!!