Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Is it raining in here?

Sally, as many of you know, likes to bark - A LOT.  She barks at squirrels, at the mailman, at passersby heading to the park - I think sometimes she barks at the wind!  She's a dog, that's what she does.  However, having a little one now - that is not the biggest fan of naps during the day and wakes up when the floor creaks - that barking needed to be curbed.  
Enter the squirt bottle.  A neighbor actually gave me the idea one day...guess she was trying to tell me something?? What, you don't like Sally barking at you and your dog each time you walk by?  Weird.  Anyway, she said to use a squirt bottle filled with water to disipline her.  Spray her and say very firmly, "Stop." You know what-it works.  So, the squirt bottle lives on my desk while I work. 
This weekend Quinn saw the squirt bottle and wanted to play with it.  He LOVES water to begin with, and as you can see, he didn't mind getting wet!