Thursday, June 23, 2011

Summer Camp

Quinn started summer camp two weeks at Dilworth United Methodist, where he will be attending Weekday School starting in September.  We thought it would be a good idea to get him familiar with the surroundings and teachers and give him a chance to be away from Mommy...OK, and give Mommy a chance to get use to being away from Quinn ;)
Mommy packed his lunch (which she and Daddy KNEW he wouldn't eat - and they were right), put on the sunscreen and we were on our way!

Where are you all going? Can I come??
Daddy carried Quinn into the school and I snapped a few shots on the way.  Hey, this was a big day!!

When we got into the classroom Quinn was instantly at ease and loved all the new toys!
I love to vacuum!
So, since he was so happy Mommy and Daddy decided to make a break for it!
He had a wonderful week and is back there again this week.  He LOVES the teachers and blows them kisses each day when I pick him up - and takes loooong naps when we get home!!  They said he has quite the personality and asks everyone, "How are you??"  They also said he has the cutest laugh ever - which I must agree with!
I'm so happy he likes them because they will be his teachers this fall when he starts Weekday School.
Today I put him down and he went right over to the activity table to play and turned around and said, "Bye!" So I guess this was a great idea after all!