Tuesday, September 20, 2011

a day at the park (lots of pictures)

Last weekend was family-filled adventure weekend.  We went to the Greek Festival, apple picking and to a great park John found outside of Statesville (this was spread throughout the weekend-not all in one day of course!).  I'm going to tell you about our adventure at the park.
Dan Nicholas Park was a great find!  It has a huge playground, a petting zoo, a lake, a small train to ride and a carousel.  We got there early (because someone was up before the sun...) and headed right for the playground.

 Next we made our way over to the train.  Quinn LOVES Thomas (Ton-om is how he pronounces it) and we thought for sure he'd be excited about riding this little train.  He was scared when it pulled in, but we all climbed aboard and he seemed to have a good time, though we didn't push our luck and only rode it once!

 Next we made our way to the petting zoo.  Scared at first, he warmed up to the goats, sheep and the birdies.
Hi Goat!

Birdie - tweet tweet!
Finally, we headed to the carousel. He had seen it as we walked to the train and was very excited to see the "horsey's." Daddy bought a ticket for Quinn and I to ride and he stood on the side to take pictures.  
We waited in line and he was excited.  They opened the gate and he was excited.  We got on the carousel and he was petting the horses and was excited.  We sat in the seat and...
He was not excited.  But it was too late, the ride had started.  So, I did my best to reign him in and calm him down.  Thankfully, he started to enjoy it. 
So much so that he rode it again with Daddy.
We spent the rest of the day walking around, checking out the lake and watching the ducks.  
Quinn was asleep before we left the park parking lot.  All in all, it was a wonderful day.  There are tons more photos on our Shutterfly website.  Please check them out!
We leave this Friday for our vacation in Emerald Isle.  I'll be sure to update the blog soon with fun stories about our trip!