Friday, February 18, 2011

lookin good

As you may remember, Quinn had his first haircut back in the summer by Great Aunt Annette while we were on vacation.  His hair grows like a weed and he has since had another haircut in November by Aunt Jennifer. 
Well, we thought we could wait until we saw Aunt Jennifer again to get another haircut, but the hair just did not stop growing!  He was starting to look like a little hippie, so something had to be done.
I did some research (what did we do before the internet?!?) and found a children's salon in the area called Doolittle's, that had some great recommendations-and a great price tag....geez! I'm in the wrong business!
I must say, I was beyond nervous that he was going to freak out at the whole situation, but I was pleasantly surprised!  As I set him in the fire engine chair he was instantly distracted by the bell.
Man, I need a haircut!

The woman that cut his hair, Erin, was so great.  She gave him a comb and let him "do" his hair before she got started.  He enjoys brushing his hair.  He held onto the comb (and a rice rusk) the whole time!
I normally part it here
Being a good boy!
He was so great through the entire thing.  The only time he got upset was when she took out the clippers.  He was not a fan.  She only used those to make sideburns!  It looked so adorable when she was done and I think he liked the attention.  All the ladies in the salon were telling him how cute he looked ;-)
First salon haircut - done!  Another milestone down!

stay puft quinn

Uncle Chris is pretty creative.  He made this video last summer and I thought I would post it so that everyone could see it and have a good laugh!
This was the first time Quinn ate solid foods (that was not cereal).  It was sweet potatoes and he obviously LOVED them!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

all wait, I want more

We have started teaching Quinn sign language.  I purchased a book and also rented a video called Baby Signing Time that a friend recommended.  We watch it every day and I have been hopeful that it is sinking in.  Quinn has picked up a few signs pretty quickly.  He can sign more and also says it - well, he says, "maaa."  He loves to bring me his snack cup and say "Maaaa?"  
He can also sign please - when he wants to ;)
Well, on Monday he showed me that he has learned a new sign and a few new words.  He was eating a late snack and started asking for more, but then, changed his mind, then, changed it again...