Thursday, October 21, 2010

tickle tickle

I shot this a few weeks ago but keep forgetting to upload it!
We've discovered that Quinn is quite ticklish under his chin and I just can't resist hearing that little laugh! So, every now and then the Tickle Monster has to attack ;-)

Monday, October 18, 2010

our little pumpkin

I am so excited about the approaching holidays and immersing Quinn in all the festivities!
Fall has arrived and Halloween is around the corner!
I went online and found a pumpkin patch here in Charlotte and we went this past Sunday.
Unfortunately, it was not all I had hoped for as the pumpkins were WAAAY more expensive than we thought they would be AND they had already been picked. Oh well, we'll try somewhere else next year ;-)

Nevertheless, Quinn had a great time looking at the farm animals and figuring out what the heck these round orange things were!
He would touch one, tap it, then lean over to touch another. The vines were very interesting too. He's quite the investigator!!
There was one pumpkin he kept going back to, so that one is now on our front steps. Can't wait to carve it!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

9 months...

If I want to believe it or not, Quinn is 9 1/2 months old. Time has indeed zoomed by.
Quinn has FINALLY started sleeping through the night! It only took us 9 months to get here...goodness! Naps are still hit or miss, but that's OK, it will come in time!
He continues to crawl like a champ! He gets into everything-and fast!!!

One of his favorite things to go after for some reason is Sally's Kong toy! It's so funny to watch Sally. She will just look at him and then look at me like she's saying, "Umm, that's mine. I'm not allowed to play with his toys. What gives?"
He has also discovered the door stoppers and loves to hit them and hear them make noise! In fact, he's pretty strong-he pulled the one on the front door off!!! We have a little He-Man!
He loves to walk back and forth on the couch and sometimes he will be daring and let go long enough to swing over and catch my leg when I'm sitting at my desk. One day soon, I suspect, he will be a walkin' man-then watch out!!
He loves making noises-he's learned how to run his fingers over his lips to make a "brrb, brrb" noise, which he enjoys. His newest thing is a throat clearing/fake cough. It almost sounds like he's grunting! He and Daddy play a game-Daddy will do it, then Quinn will do it! He also likes to play this game with Grandma when she calls!
He says Daadaa all the time...still no Mama. He said it once, but I think it was fluke! John tries to get him to say it, "Say Mama Quinn," Quinn-"Dada." Oh well. I'm waiting patiently for that day!
Quinn is always so very happy and such a pleasant little guy. He has the best facial expressions and makes us laugh all the time! We have truly been lucky!

We're heading up to Virginia next weekend for my church's Annual Bazaar. It will be the 87th year they have had it! We're excited to see Grandma, Aunt Cathey, Aunt Debbie, Uncle Glen and other family and I'm also excited for everyone at church to see how big Quinn is now!
We are also going to go see Aunt Christie, Uncle Chris, Aunt Jennifer, Nonna and of course "Nutella" while were are up that way. Won't be long before Quinn will have a new cousin and playmate-he's very excited, as are we all!! I'm going to be an Aunt, yippee!
I've uploaded some more pictures of Quinn to our Shutterfly site!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

rice rusks-good stuff.

I bought snack crackers a few weeks ago called Rice Rusks (also called Mum Mum's) because one of my friends said that her daughter, who is 2 months older than Quinn, just loved them, so I thought it would be worth a shot!
At first he didn't know what to make of them, but slowly but surely he's decided they are alright. Hearing him crunch on them with those 2 little teeth is just too cute! I recorded a snack session this weekend!