Monday, January 24, 2011

squeak squeak!

A few weeks ago Aunt Jennifer called me asking what size shoe Quinn wore.  I told her that currently he was in a 3 1/2 but probably not for long (he's a 4 now!).  She said that she found some shoes online that he had to have!
We got the shoes yesterday.  John had been in Maryland for work and brought them back with him.  When he got home he said, "Let's put on the shoes Aunt Jennifer got you!" He sat Quinn down and laced them up.  I said, "Oh, they are so cute!"  They are very cute-and musical...
As you can see, Quinn didn't know what to think.  If you listen you can hear John and I trying not to laugh out loud.  It was hilarious! 

Thanks Aunt Jennifer!!!  Now we'll always know where Quinn is :-)

Friday, January 21, 2011


Our pediatrician told us that once little ones have teeth (and around the age of 1), you should take them to the dentist.  Quinn has 7 little teeth (4 on the top, 3 1/2 on the bottom), so we thought, let's do it.  I started researching on my Mommy blogs and boards looking for the best pediatric dentist around and I came across a dentist with rave reviews, Dr. Beth Cook.  When I called, I half-expected them to laugh at me, "You want to bring a 1 year-old to the dentist??" They didn't though, so I guess other parents have brought in their children at this age.  Hmm, maybe I'm not an overly-obsessive Mommy after all...well, at least not about this!
We actually had to reschedule our appointment due to the "blizzard" last week.  It all worked out though, because we rescheduled for a day when Daddy was able to come along!!
The big day arrived and we got there early to make sure all of our paperwork was filled out correctly.
I swear, my insurance card is around here somewhere...
When they called us back Dr. Cook suggested that I sit in the chair with Quinn, so he wouldn't be scared-or escape.
Everything seemed to be going so well.  He really liked Dr. Cook.  When she put on her gloves he was laughing-he even tried tasting them!  She showed him his new Big Boy toothbrush and he was quite interested. 
Hmm, so you say I am suppose to put this in my mouth?
Then, she tried looking in his mouth and all bets were off.  He cried and squirmed, but she and her tech were able to get in there and look at his teeth-for about 30 seconds!!  She said his teeth were healthy and clean-yippee!  See you again in 6 months Dr. Cook!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

learning new words

Quinn has become a little mimic - absorbing things we say and then saying them back to us. 
Daddy started teaching Quinn a new phrase and he easily picked it up - and it's meaning! 
He loves to drop things now.  He tosses his sippy cup, pushes his fridge farm pieces off the fridge and onto the floor - each time saying, "Uh Oh!"  Sometimes he'll even say it before something has it the floor!  I think we've created a monster!  Guess Mommy & Daddy need to start watching what they say ;)

Thursday, January 13, 2011

first snow

As you may have heard Charlotte got "a blizzard" on Monday.  Seriously, that's what the local news called 5 inches of snow - the blizzard of 2011.
I thought maybe, just maybe, the weathermen might be right this time, and went out on Sunday and bought the little guy some snow boots.  When we woke up Monday morning I was glad that I had because the snow had arrived!  It really was so pretty!  
We bundled up to venture outdoors.  Quinn was not a fan of the layers.  He was even less of a fan of tucking his pants into his boots.  What a mess!  There were a lot of Puffs consumed in order for me to get those boots on securely! Don't even get me started on the mittens ;-)  
Finally, after taking about 20 minutes to get dressed, we were ready!  We went into the backyard and looked around, watching Sally run happily through the snow.  I put Quinn down and he plopped right down.  He had no interest in going any further!
Hmm...what is this-and where are my fingers??
After a few minutes though, he decided it would be OK to touch it and move it around-maybe even eat it.

Our neighbors were out cleaning off their cars and had a good laugh watching Quinn.  He seemed perfectly content to just sit in the snow and observe!

We didn't stay out too long, because I suspected his little tush was getting cold!  Overall he seemed to like the snow.  Who knows, maybe next time we'll actually try walking in it!!