Monday, October 18, 2010

our little pumpkin

I am so excited about the approaching holidays and immersing Quinn in all the festivities!
Fall has arrived and Halloween is around the corner!
I went online and found a pumpkin patch here in Charlotte and we went this past Sunday.
Unfortunately, it was not all I had hoped for as the pumpkins were WAAAY more expensive than we thought they would be AND they had already been picked. Oh well, we'll try somewhere else next year ;-)

Nevertheless, Quinn had a great time looking at the farm animals and figuring out what the heck these round orange things were!
He would touch one, tap it, then lean over to touch another. The vines were very interesting too. He's quite the investigator!!
There was one pumpkin he kept going back to, so that one is now on our front steps. Can't wait to carve it!

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