Tuesday, November 2, 2010

turkey lurkey

Happy Halloween a few days late!! As you can see from the pictures, Quinn was a cute little turkey for Halloween this year!!! We only went to 2 houses (our wonderful neighbors) but we had a great time :-)
We had tried previously to get Quinn in the turkey costume and he WAS NOT a fan, but this time Grandma (who was here visiting all last week-so fun!!) suggested we try to get into it slowly (Legs first, stop. Arms, stop.), which worked!!! Go Grandma.
Quinn was so excited to go through his "loot" when we got home. Next year he'll be able to eat some of that candy....but not all of it!

Just to clarify -the turkey costume was in NO WAY a Virginia Tech Hokie costume!! :-) It was a wonderful hand-me-down from Lisa McKinney - thanks so much Lisa!!
There are more pictures on the Shutterfly site if you want to see them!

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  1. Seriously! He is soooo cute!!! I just want to squeeze him!!!! Look at those cheeks!!! Adorable!!!!!