Wednesday, July 20, 2011

grocery shopping

Quinn loves going to the grocery store.  He loves the whole experience - the cart, the sights, the sounds, the samples, and most importantly all the people to interact with!!!  He loves waiving at people, saying, "Hi!" and of course his favorite conversation starter, "How are you??"
Here are some photos from our shopping trips:

I love the race car cart!!
Yep, I'm turned the wrong way...
Tonight Mommy, Daddy and Quinn went to the grocery store to get some food for this weekend.  As we were checking out, Quinn decided he would help out the cashier and began reaching into the cart and handing our items to him.  "Here go, here go, here go!" he said, with each item he picked up and handed to the gentleman.  People in line and in the next check-out lane were laughing and looking at him.  He really is such a little ham!!!
On another shopping adventure last week, Quinn decided to break into dance.  There was no music, he just "felt it" I guess :)  The dance he's doing is the Hot Dog Dance from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  
If you're wondering what he's saying in the video, it's John.  Yep, he's heard me talking to Daddy using his name and has picked it up! The best part is it was just Quinn and I at the store. Guess he really wanted Daddy to see his moves!!! 
Just to give you a point of reference, for those of you who don't watch the Disney Channel 24/7, this is the Hot Dog Dance. Try playing both videos at the same time, so you can see him with the music.  Pretty funny:

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