Friday, June 18, 2010

Nonna's Visit

Nonna came to visit for a whole week this past week! We had such a great time and Quinn loved spending time with her! We surprised her at the airport-we went inside and hid by the steps leading down to baggage claim and popped out when we saw her. She was surprised indeed!

While she was here Quinn got his first cold :-( Very sad to hear the little guy cough!! I'm so glad she was here though, to help me figure things out!! He's all better now!
We also continued on the solid food adventure and Nonna got to feed him while she was here! That was fun! He can't seem to figure out why the food is not continuous though and gets a bit frustrated if you don't hurry up with his next bite!

Quinn had such a good time reading, drooling and bouncing on Nonna! We were sad to see her go, but we'll see her again soon!!

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