Monday, July 19, 2010

solid foods

We have delved into the world of solid foods! We started with sweet potatoes when we were in Syracuse, which Quinn LOVED as evident by these pictures!

Then we moved onto carrots. We went to the Farmer's Market and got fresh carrots. I really want to try and make as much baby food as I can-it's better for him and well, let's face it, it's cheaper too!! I steamed them, pureed them and put them in his little bowl....and he hated them. So it was oatmeal for dinner that night! John suggested we get some carrot baby food from the store, which we did and guess what-he at it all!

So, I bought some more carrot baby food and we continued to eat that for 3 more days (the doctor said not to introduce new foods sooner than every 4 days, in case there are allergies, etc.).
Next I purchased a butternut squash and this time, I got baby food back-up. I baked the squash, pureed it, tasted it to make sure it was edible and...he hated it. What a face he made-it was pretty funny actually! So I popped the top of the squash baby food and he gobbled it up. I tried mixing the real stuff with the baby food, but he's smarter than that-he'd spit those spoonfuls out!

We were fearful that our little man was going to be a processed foods fan! However, last night I fed him the homemade butternut squash and he ate it all without hesitation! John said, "Maybe he just doesn't like it fresh??" Whatever-he ate it and I was so happy!!
Next up-peas!!
Thought I should switch up the colors before I turned our son orange! Wish us luck!

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