Saturday, July 24, 2010

the tale of two teeth

A few weeks ago I noticed a small white spot on Quinn's bottom gum. "Oh boy," I thought, "here comes the first tooth!" I was right-but as I would soon find out, it wasn't just one but TWO TEETH! His bottom front teeth had arrived! The left tooth began to emerge rather quickly and low and behold-the tooth next to it decided it wanted to come in too!!
Getting a picture of this, as you can imagine, has not been easy! I was finally able to snap one yesterday!
If you look close-you'll see them!

I tried to zoom in a bit to help you see them better!

He's been great with the teething though! No fussing really, just less sleep, which isn't all that new! He's getting use to them. He sucks on his bottom lip now, which I am guessing has something to do with how the teeth feel against it. When he does this he makes the best face. We call him "Old Man Chubby Cheeks."

Now we have started brushing our teeth!! You can never start too early!

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