Thursday, December 30, 2010

Quinn is 1!

Believe it or not, Quinn is 1!!!  Where in the world did time go?!?!
We had a wonderful birthday party for him at Aunt Jennifer's house on December 23rd. 

Wow!!  A tag!!  The little things amuse him :-)
This wrapping paper stuff is cool!
Aunt Christie, Uncle Chris, Maggie, Aunt Jennifer, Nonna, Grandma, Great-Aunt Cathey and Great-Aunt Malinda were all in attendance - and of course Mommy & Daddy were there too!
Before the cake...
 Daddy made Quinn's birthday cake - it was apple spice cake.  It had no eggs and no sugar....but it was COVERED in cream cheese icing ;)  So, the sugar rush was in FULL EFFECT for a good hour after the cake was eaten!!
After some initial hesitation, he truly enjoyed smushing the cake and icing between his fingers. 
What is this stuff?!?!
Eventually he did eat some of the cake and seemed to really like it!  He tried to share, but Daddy said no thanks.  He's not a fan of cream cheese :-)
Daddy! It's so yummy!!
 So, he decided to share with me.
Here Mommy, check this out.
  Quinn really wanted Daddy to try the cake!! He tried launching it at him!
 Quinn got some great gifts - lots of clothes and LOTS of toys!  We successfully pulled off a Christmas-free birthday!!!
Now, the challenge begins of finding room for them in our house ;-)
There are tons more pictures on our Shutterfly site if you want to check them out!
Yeah for Quinn!

What a great time we had!!


  1. Quinn is so cute!!! Absolutely adorable! Looks like he had a great birthday!!!!

  2. Happy Birthday Quinn!!! And congrats to his great parents for making him so happy and healthy this past year!!