Thursday, January 13, 2011

first snow

As you may have heard Charlotte got "a blizzard" on Monday.  Seriously, that's what the local news called 5 inches of snow - the blizzard of 2011.
I thought maybe, just maybe, the weathermen might be right this time, and went out on Sunday and bought the little guy some snow boots.  When we woke up Monday morning I was glad that I had because the snow had arrived!  It really was so pretty!  
We bundled up to venture outdoors.  Quinn was not a fan of the layers.  He was even less of a fan of tucking his pants into his boots.  What a mess!  There were a lot of Puffs consumed in order for me to get those boots on securely! Don't even get me started on the mittens ;-)  
Finally, after taking about 20 minutes to get dressed, we were ready!  We went into the backyard and looked around, watching Sally run happily through the snow.  I put Quinn down and he plopped right down.  He had no interest in going any further!
Hmm...what is this-and where are my fingers??
After a few minutes though, he decided it would be OK to touch it and move it around-maybe even eat it.

Our neighbors were out cleaning off their cars and had a good laugh watching Quinn.  He seemed perfectly content to just sit in the snow and observe!

We didn't stay out too long, because I suspected his little tush was getting cold!  Overall he seemed to like the snow.  Who knows, maybe next time we'll actually try walking in it!!

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