Wednesday, February 2, 2011

all wait, I want more

We have started teaching Quinn sign language.  I purchased a book and also rented a video called Baby Signing Time that a friend recommended.  We watch it every day and I have been hopeful that it is sinking in.  Quinn has picked up a few signs pretty quickly.  He can sign more and also says it - well, he says, "maaa."  He loves to bring me his snack cup and say "Maaaa?"  
He can also sign please - when he wants to ;)
Well, on Monday he showed me that he has learned a new sign and a few new words.  He was eating a late snack and started asking for more, but then, changed his mind, then, changed it again...

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  1. WOW!!! He is so smart! Talking up a storm! Zoey learned to sign also. It really helps them with their speech!! ALL DONE...MORE...ALL DONE...More!!! :) LOVE, Aunt B