Wednesday, August 18, 2010

caged beast

For those of you that don't know, I started a new job on Monday. I am a Virtual Assistant for a company called Simply Virtual. I will be able to work from home-woo hoo!! However, starting a work-from-home job the week after your son learns to crawl has been a challenge I have quickly discovered!! He has REALLY gotten good at this crawling thing VERY quickly and is fast!
So, since this weekend we've been on a search for a Super Gate. What's a Super Gate you ask? Basically an octagon cage for the little guy :-) I finally found one on craigslist (I LOVE craigslist!) and met the woman this morning to get it! Now I can put Quinn in there with his toys while I am on a call and know that he is safe. Check it out! I feel like he's in Baby Jail!!!


  1. Baby Jail...not always a bad thing! I'm going to have to look into this...:0)

  2. Eeeks! I didn't know you have a blog!
    Love it.
    1. I've worked from home with all 3 girls.
    2. Baby jail is a 100% must when working from home.

    You should see the set up I have in my office for containing Charlotte. I have relied on Madeline and Amelia all summer to help me keep an eye on her, but as of Friday my little helpers will be in school. Charlotte will be in baby jail way more often now. ;-)