Saturday, August 14, 2010

i like to move it, move it

Well, it's official-we have a crawler!! Quinn started sitting up just shy of 6 months, then he began to perfect the "tripod" stance, which is getting on his knees & hand & rocking back & forth. Then, he started scooting and we knew crawling was going to be soon to follow-but not this soon!
He was officially off and running last Friday. Believe it or not, he went after Sally's kong! Not sure what it was about that toy, but he wanted it! Sally has now moved her toys and bone out of the living room ;-)
He will be 8 months old next week and already on the move! He's in a hurry to get somewhere I suppose! Check him out in action below . Sorry about the quality-it was shot on my cell phone!

Today he discovered that he could crawl under his precious Jumperoo. Perhaps it's a fort in the making??

Now that he has learned how to crawl he is off!! He has gotten so fast in just a few days! John and I watch him in amazement! Bring on this new adventure :-)

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