Monday, August 30, 2010

summer vacation

We just got home from our first family vacation yesterday and boy did we have a great time! We went to Seneca Lake in New York (it's one of the Finger Lakes for those of you that don't know). Nonna, Aunt Christie (and Nutella), Uncle Chris, Aunt Jennifer and of course Mommy, Daddy and Sally all came! Unfortunately it rained quite a bit while we were there-but we had a few nice days! Good thing Christie's friend gave Quinn some clothes-Mommy didn't pack enough "cool weather" clothes! When will I learn?!? When headed to upstate New York always be prepared!
We had a great time seeing everyone at Christie's shower and spending time with both the Lisi and Putnam families!

John ran his car at Watkins Glen while we were there. We all went to watch him twice, which was very exciting! Safety first with little man's soundproof headphones :-)

We went to a few vineyards while we were up there, which was very nice. Quinn had a good time too. When we went to Dr. Konstantin Frank's winery (John's favorite), Quinn decided it would be fun to "talk," which means his throat grumble, which is pretty hilarious. The man doing the tasting asked if we had consulted a priest for him ;-) Ha!

While we were there Quinn tried prunes and LOVED them. What a mess! He also learned how to, well started to at least, drink from a sippy cup.

Quinn and I flew up to Syracuse. He's becoming quite the frequent flyer! He did great going up and coming home. 3 people actually commented on the way up what a good baby he was! Go Quinn! He enjoyed looking out the window on the way home and fell asleep as we were landing. He was tuckered out I guess!
There are tons more pictures on our shutterfly site, check them out!
Can't wait to see everyone again soon!

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