Monday, September 13, 2010

Beach Baby!!

For our 2nd Anniversary John took me to Myrtle Beach for the weekend!! It was a family affair-Quinn and Sally came too of course :-) We stayed at a resort right on the beach that allowed dogs so we could ALL have fun! We actually stayed in the same place, The Sea Mist, last year. We tried to go on as many trips as possible before the little man arrived, because we knew we wouldn't really have the opportunity again-for awhile at least! Sally LOVED the beach last year and was right back in her element this weekend. She and John ran in and out of the waves when we got there on Friday night. Back and forth, back and forth. She was COVERED in sand! It was really great to see her having such fun! Quinn and I watched from the beach!
Here's Quinn checking out our view when we got there! I took this picture with him on my hip, so please forgive the extreme ear close-up ;-)

The next morning our "little alarm clock" got us up at 6am, so we got up and got going! We of course had to go to Krispy Kreme and have a "Hot Now" doughnut...mmmmmm. There's really nothing better!

Then it was off to the beach! We got back and got Quinn dressed, covered in sunblock and ready to go. Note to self, wait until Quinn is dressed before showing him his toy....

John said perhaps we should just go to the pool, but I wanted to go to the beach
...should've listened to him! Taking an 8-month-old to the beach is A LOT of work-and requires a lot of stuff!! There was sand EVERYWHERE! However, he had a fantastic time! We laid out our towels and set up his Peapod tent, which is a wonderful thing, and enjoyed the weather.

Then we decided to take him down to the water's edge so he could see the waves and play with the sand. He really enjoyed that. He scooped the sand up in his hands and mushed it around. We sat far enough back so the waves just barely got us. Eventually he decided the sand needed a taste test-of course! We stopped him before he could get his whole hand in his mouth though ;-) I forgot how awesome it feels to have sand in your bathing suit....ugh! Oh well, it was worth it to see the fun he was having!
We stayed on the beach for about an hour then we headed to the pool. After all, Quinn was excited to show off his swim class skills to Dada! We stayed in the pool for a long time and he went under water several times-for Mommy and for Daddy! "Ready-Go!!" That's what they say in class to let the little ones know water's coming-he's so great! He knows to shut his eyes and everything! He loves the pool! We went back yesterday morning before we left too-and of course we took Sally back to the beach as well!

All in all it was a great trip and we can't wait to go to the beach again!!

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