Tuesday, September 7, 2010

first haircut

Quinn was born with a head full of hair and everyone said, "Oh, it will all fall out!" Well, we waited and waited, but it just kept growing! As the days turned into months an adorable mohawk appeared, which then turned into a sweet comb-over and lately you could almost tuck some of it behind his ears!! So, while we were at the lake we decided it was high time for a little trim!
Great-Aunt Annette did the honors! Aunt Jennifer and Mommy tried to distract Quinn from what was going on and the kitchen scissors and Nonna followed Great-Aunt Annette's cuts around with a plastic baggie to catch every last hair! This was the same day as Aunt Christie's baby shower, so there was an audience, to say the least! Not every kid can say that he had so many witnesses to his first haircut! Here's the video-it's a bit long, but cute!! You can hear everyone cheering him on!

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